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[AsiaNet] Haikou Attracts Over One Million Tourists during Chinese New Year

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[AsiaNet] Haikou Attracts Over One Million Tourists during Chinese New Year

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(HAIKOU, China, Feb. 23, 2021 AsiaNet=연합뉴스) Recently, China celebrated its grandest annual event -- the Chinese New Year. In Hainan, a major tourist province in southern China, citizens' enthusiasm for traveling continued to surge. According to Haikou Tourism Development Commission, the capital Haikou received a total of 1,171,100 visitors during the seven-day holiday, raking in RMB 1.291 billion.

During the holiday, a variety of activities were carried out in major attractions in the city. At the public dock for Haikou National Sailing Base, sailboats, sailboards, rowing boats and yachts were provided for visitors to have fun with the seawater on the west coast of Haikou. At the century-old Haikou Clock Tower, the city's landmark, a large-scale light show was launched for the first time. With three-dimensional sound and light effects, the show presented Haikou's sea culture and Nanyang culture, becoming a "new hotspot" at night for citizens and tourists in Haikou.

In terms of rural tourism, Haikou held the Wenshan Xinpo Winter Fruit and Vegetable Picking Festival, which offered countryside picnics, "Gongdao" meals, and other rural activities; the Haikou Lianlizhi Fisherman's Guesthouse rolled out activities such as mangrove tours, snack making, and long table barbecues, gaining wide popularity among tourists.

This year, duty-free shopping also became a "trump card" that attracted visitors to Haikou. During the seven-day holiday, the duty-free stores in Haikou received 32,712 visitors, up 51.8% year-on-year, with sales revenue of RMB 157 million and per capita expenditure of RMB 4,805, up 225.5% and 43.81%, respectively.

Source: Haikou Tourism Development Commission

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