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[PRNewswire] Huobi Pro’s HADAX Launches the First Series of Token Voting

등록일 2018.02.14 조회수118
[PRNewswire] Huobi Pro’s HADAX Launches the First Series of Token Voting

(Singapore, February 13, 2018 PRNewswire=연합뉴스) Huobi Autonomous Digital Asset eXchange (HADAX), the sub-exchange of Huobi Pro ( revealed on February 12 (Singapore time) that the first batch of tokens that can be voted for listing. The first batch consists of only ERC20 tokens. Users can use Huobi Token (HT) to vote for assets they support. The voting results will be announced on February 28 and winning tokens will be available for trading on March 1.

As the global digital market is evolving at an unprecedented pace, every day the market sees all kinds of creative digital assets emerging at different scales. Huobi Pro previously utilized a centralized token evaluation process to maintain a strict screening of digital assets before listing, which ensures a selection of high quality tokens to reduce investment risk.

As this auditing process is time-consuming, with limited coverage and subjectivity, it is unable to pace up with the market’s rapid development, and may cause Huobi Pro to miss out significant high quality investment opportunities.

This new exchange, HADAX, will also serve as a springboard for early-stage creative digital assets projects to professional investors to keep up their growth momentum.

An initiative from Huobi Pro, HADAX is the world’s first autonomous token listing exchange, a decentralized decision-making model that gives the community full autonomy to vote for tokens to be listed.

HADAX now adopts a brand-new decentralized token evaluation process operation model from the previous centralized token reviewing process. Tokens simply need to be registered, and HADAX will then only review the authenticity and legality of projects instead of giving them an evaluation. After which, users will be able to decide which tokens can be listed on HADAX for trading by voting for their preferred tokens using HT. Only assets with winning votes are entitled to be traded on HADAX

Subordinate to Huobi Global, Huobi.Pro is a creative digital asset exchange serving global traders. Huobi.Pro is devoted to exploring investment opportunities. Currently, we provide trade and investment service of nearly 10 digital assets. Our Headquarter is located in Singapore and is run by Huobi Global Team.

Huobi Global is the Leading Global Blockchain Asset Financial Service Provider. We have offered quality service for over millions of users from over 130 countries.

Source: Huobi Technology PTE. LTD.

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