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[PRNewswire] WDNA to debut in Seoul, South Korea during its global roadshow

등록일 2018.04.17 조회수113
[PRNewswire] WDNA to debut in Seoul, South Korea during its global roadshow

(SEOUL, South Korea, April 17, 2018 PRNewswire=연합뉴스) WDAN is experiencing the count-down for its first roadshow in Seoul Korea, which just follows the business roadshow in Singapore. At 13:30 on April 17, WDNA will hold the Global Roadshow at Sheraton Walker hill Hotel Seoul Korea, which is specially for developing the Asian market.

WDNA the world's first public platform that depends on decentralized consensus and block chain technology, where individual DNA data will be certified, managed, analyzed, applied and developed. By providing a DNA passport, WDNA will provide data storage, quantification of value and return on equity for individual DNA and biological gene. WDNA strives to become the largest economic center for sharing DNA data in the world.

For the WDNA Global Roadshow, relying on the innovations made in the field of block chain and DNA application, WDNA will hold the Roadshow for developing Korean market. There, the business mode and future plan of world gene chain will be emphasized and introduced. WDNA Global Roadshow in Korea is to show the core advantages in different fields made by WDNA technical team, trying to set up partnership with Korea in different sections.

WDNA Global Roadshow in Korea is organized by WDNA Fund and World Block China Organization, co-sponsored by Korea China General Chamber of Commerce, culture and entertainment groups in Korea, Korea Mondex institution, Korea medical beauty center and licensed investment & management groups in Hongkong and international commercial finance media groups, which is greatly supported by BIT-Z, BCEX, SOAR LABS, LINK WALLET, BTB FINTECH INC, ROAMING CAPITAL, PAWNETICS GROUP etc.

WDNA Global Roadshow in Korea will be fully reported by Yicai | GBCEVENT and some famous Korean media.

As WDNA Global Roadshow continues, its member's recruitment with incentives will start in April 2018.

Incentive plan:

1. Members joining World DNA Chain Community will get 50 WDNAs for free.
2. Members registering "sharing passport" and joining the community will get 100 WDNAs for free.
3. Members joining WDNA Global Roadshow will get 200 WDNAs for free.
4. Members joining WDNA recruitment plan and purchasing WDNAs will get a prize which is 60% of the total purchase.
5. For one time purchase of over 250,000 WDNAs, investors will get a DNA test provided by a top institution (valuing $1000). The plan will be valid before May 30, 2018.

Source: WDNA

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